Coversystem products have been chosen by Italian leading companies. Its growing success is determined by the elegance of its form, the robustness of the structure, the ease of installation, the absence of maintenance and its cheapness. The success obtained by the Cover Car model suggested the appropriateness of creating similar structures capable of bearing loads of snow. Our products are all registered and certified.

Our Cover Car model has passed screening by countless Town Planning Commissions. This is because the characteristics of the structure, whose components are all assembled by screwing or by slotting, the means for securing to the ground, the fast rewinding of the sheet and the calibrated dimensions are all elements which are compatible with the town-planning regulations in force. In some cases there may be specific limitations in areas identified by explicit and particular constraints.

Always attentive to energy and environmental needs Coversystem has developed a new shelter model for protecting from hail and sun while at the same time acting as a support for photovoltaic cells, even when loaded with snow. This is a product with many applications for private citizens, company and public bodies. It does not require any maintenance.