Coversystem srl is a young company which operates in a market context that is increasingly sensitive to environmental matters, protection from atmospheric agents and energy saving.

Its products are distinguished by their value for money, robustness, practicality of installation and absence of maintenance. The growing success recorded by Coversystem products and the many applications specially studied for use in the energy field increasingly correspondent to current weather requirements.

Coversystem's modular system has in fact been designed to protect from atmospheric agents and, at the same time, act as a support for photovoltaic panels, thereby ensuring multiform and economical flexibility of use.

The structure's simplicity and strength, its cheapness and practicality of installation, and the multiplicity of uses make Coversystem products attractive to an increasingly vast market for advantageous applications both in the industrial and private fields.

The first problems for cars begin with the arrival of summer.
The high temperatures reached inside cars become unbearable and are the main cause of damage to dashboards and the weather strips of windows and doors.
The car's colour soon loses its brilliance with direct exposure to sunlight.
Many car parks are adorned with plants whose management costs often turn out to be high in terms of pruning, maintenance and removal of the leaves.
And then we must not underrate the problems caused by resin stains on the cars' bodywork.
Other climatic conditions such as rain mixed with sand or unforeseen hailstorms can damage the bodywork and even the window glazing of your car.
To improve the environmental insertion of the shelters, and on the basis of the quantities ordered, we let our customers chose the structures in metal from a broad range.